Fall 2014 College Bound Workshop - October 2014

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Spring 2014 College Bound Workshop - April 2014

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A blog providing information on your college search and recruiting process

Important Data on California Colleges

As part of your research on colleges, you should be considering a multitude of factors. This grid lists some important statistics for every college in California that sponsors soccer. Spend some time looking at the info for the schools you are interested in. Or, even search for schools that are strongest in a particular area that is most important to you.

Following College Soccer

This fall is one of the most important times for you to be doing the research that will help you with your college search. Bay Oaks College Bound has put together a list of great resources for you to be following college soccer this fall. Check these out and take advantage of the next two months to do your research!

Seniors’ To-Do-List

If you are a high school senior… college application season is here and there are many things you must be on top of at this stage in your college search. We cover standardized testing, UC and Cal State applications, teacher recommendations and college visits.

DOC Corner

East Bay United Bay Oaks Director of Coaching, Glenn Van Straatum, leads the College Bound program.

The Bay Oaks College Bound Program

Welcome to Bay Oaks College Bound! We have worked hard developing this important program and we are confident that we have in place the best program possible to assist our players in their pursuit of becoming college student-athletes. Read on and learn about all the exciting things involved in College Bound.

Leadership is An Act of Duty

One of the most important reasons why good players fade away and fail to realize their potential is they fail to embrace leadership opportunities.
In each game and training, there are numerous opportunities to pull together two or more players to share how working together will achieve objectives and better performance.

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Detailed Information and Action Items for Each Year of High School

College Search 101

Researching and Identifying Potential Colleges

Recruiting 101

Understanding the Ins and Outs of the Recruiting Process

College Athletics 101

Researching the College Soccer Landscape